Local 456 By-laws

Editor-s Note

The Lodge-s by-laws are in the process of being amended and up-dated so in the neat future the wording of these by-laws will be changed.

Approved: 11-2-12
Effective: 11-1-12









Section 1.                   This Lodge shall be known as Victoria Lodge No. 456, International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, Victoria, British Columbia.

Section 2.                   The regular meeting shall be held monthly on the second Tuesday of each month at 5:30 pm, unless special circumstances require a change of meeting date, in which case a substitute day of meeting shall be set at the preceding meeting and the membership shall be informed by shop bulletin.

Meetings will adjourn after two hours duration unless the majority present votes to extend the time. Meetings in the months of July and August may be cancelled by membership action


Section 3.                   Five members shall constitute a quorum for a regular meeting.


Section 4.                   Special meetings shall be called and conducted by the President as set forth in the IAM Constitution.


  1. Five members shall constitute a quorum for a special meeting.


  1. Members shall be notified by Shop Bulletin, or Canada Post or email at least forty-eight (48) hours before the date of the special meeting.





Section 1.                   The Officers of this Lodge, their selection, duties, qualifications and responsibilities shall be in accordance with applicable provisions of the IAM Constitution.

Section 2.                   The Officers of this Lodge shall consist of a President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Secretary-Treasurer, Conductor/ Sentinel and a Board of Trustees, consisting of three (3) members. Their term of office shall be for three (3) years.

Section 3.                   Nomination of Officers will be held at the first regular meeting in September. The Recording Secretary shall prepare a suitable ballot and have it ready for use at the first meeting in October. (If nominations are in September, election is in October. If nominations are in November, election is in December).

Section 4.                   Not later than (60) days prior to the election, the Recording Secretary shall notify all members by shop bulletin of the time, date and place of the nominations and election.

Section 5.                   Any vacancy occurring in the office of the President shall be filled by the Vice President for the unexpired term.

All other vacancies of office between elections covering Officers, Executive Board members and Delegates shall be filled by temporary appointment by the President of the Lodge with the approval of the Executive Board. Such temporary appointments shall be for such period as is reasonable required to bring about the election of a successor in accordance with the provisions of these bylaws and the IAM Constitution.

Section 6.                   All Officers, employees or other individuals in this Local Lodge who are responsible for, or handle funds of or for the Local Lodge, shall be bonded in accordance with the IAM Constitution and the IAM Policy relating thereto.





Section 1.                   The Executive Board shall consist of all Lodge Officers. The President of the Lodge shall be Chairman of the Executive Board and the Recording Secretary shall be the Secretary of the Executive Board.

Section 2.                   A majority of the members shall constitute a quorum for Executive Board meetings.

Section 3.                   The Executive Board shall conduct its business in a methodical and businesslike way, keeping a record of its proceedings and otherwise conducting its affairs according to the principles reflected by the IAM Constitution and these bylaws.

Section 4.                   The Executive Board shall meet no more than one week prior to a general monthly meeting to consider any business brought before them. The Chairman and the Secretary of the Executive Board may call a special meeting by notifying all members of the Board.

Section 5.                   It shall be the duty of the Executive Board to deliberate upon all matters referred to them and, as soon as possible thereafter, report its recommendations to the Lodge.





Section 1.                   Qualifications for membership in this Local Lodge shall be as provided in the IAM Constitution.

Section 2.                   The Initiation Fee for this Local Lodge shall be four (4) times the hourly rate of pay. The Initiation Fee for an apprentice shall not be less than the minimum monthly dues as established by the IAM Constitution

Section 3.                   The Reinstatement Fee for the Local Lodge shall be four (4) times the hourly rate of pay plus all Local and Grand Lodge assessments owing at the time the member was dropped.

Section 4.                   Unemployment dues for this Local Lodge shall be $5 per month.

Section 5.                   The monthly dues of this Lodge shall be a minimum rate equal to 2.3 times the individual hourly earnings of each member of the Local Lodge.





Section 1.                   The General Funds of this Local Lodge may be disbursed only be an order drawn by the Recording Secretary and countersigned by the President, or in his absence, the Vice President; the cheque in all cases to be drawn by the Secretary- Treasurer and countersigned by the President, or in his absence, the Vice-President.


Section 2.                   Expenses incurred for the normal operation of the Lodge will be paid on a regular basis.


Section 3.                   Unless at least seven (7) calendar days’ notice, by bulletin board or otherwise, has been given the membership, or the GVP Canada gives authorization, no motion shall be in order to appropriate more than $100.00 for any purpose.

a)        The Secretary-Treasurer is authorized to purchase a floral offering or fruit basket as the case may be for each deceased or ill member that has been reported to him, the cost of which shall not exceed $75.

b)        No motion to appropriate Lodge funds shall be in order in any meeting of this Local Lodge if made later than two (2) hours after the regular starting hour of the meeting.


Section 4.                   There may be an Emergency Fund established in accordance with the IAM Constitution. No money shall be voted out of this Emergency Fund except by a three-fourths vote of those present and voting at a special or called meeting for this purpose.


Section 5.                   The monthly salaries of the Officers shall be as follows: President $100.00; Vice President $50.00; Recording Secretary $100.00; Secretary-Treasurer $100.00.


Section 6.                   Any member of the Lodge assigned to perform services for the Lodge or attend a Conference or Convention, shall be reimbursed for any expenses incurred a sum equivalent to the amounts specified in Article IX Section 7 of District 250 Bylaws.





Section 1.                   An Auditing Committee of three (3) shall be nominated and elected by the Local Lodge. The Committee shall function as set forth in the IAM Constitution. This Lodge shall audit the books semi-annually.

Section 2.                   The Board of Trustees shall consist of three (3) Trustees. It shall be their duty to examine all bills before their presentation to the membership for approval and to advise the membership regarding the financial condition and transactions of the Lodge.

Section 3.                   Stewards shall be elected from and by members in each designated subdivisions of the shop in which they work. If the members fail to elect a Steward, the President shall appoint this Steward.

Section 4.                   Any Delegate or Representative to be selected by this Lodge shall be elected (or, failing that, appointed by the President) in accordance with the Constitution and bylaws of the Body in which the Delegate or Representative shall represent this Lodge.

Section 5.                   The President of the Lodge shall appoint a Web Steward to create and maintain Lodge website with those features applicable to the activities of the Lodge as approved by the Executive Board. The Web Steward shall be paid a monthly salary of $100.00.





Section 1.                   The duties of this Local Lodge, its officers and members shall be as set forth in the IAM Constitution.

Section 2.                   The approval of a strike, method of declaring a strike, and the settlement of a strike shall be in accordance with applicable provisions of the IAM Constitution.

Section 3.                   It is a policy of this Lodge that members work harmoniously together and not try to gain advantage by discrediting another member. It is a member’s duty to present his dues book to the Shop Committee for inspection when requested to do so and to assist the Shop Committee, Officers and Business Representatives in carrying out the laws of this Association.

Section 4.                   No member of this Lodge shall make any agreement with his employer as to working conditions, hours or pay without the consent of the Lodge.

Section 5.                   Members serving on Committees and losing time in such service shall submit an itemized statement of the expenses incurred to the Lodge before receiving payment. It is a policy of this Lodge that reimbursement of lost time of service shall be in an amount equal to the actual lost wages.





Section 1.                   Any increase in the amount of initiation and reinstatement fees, Emergency Funds, and Local Lodge dues must be handled on the basis of the procedures specified in the IAM Constitution.

Any other amendments to these bylaws must be handled on the basis of the following procedures:

(a) All proposals must be in writing, signed by not less than five (5) members, and referred to a Bylaws Committee appointed by the President.

(b) All proposals must be read as proposed at two (2) regular consecutive monthly meetings. Immediately following the second reading, the Bylaws Committee shall submit their recommendations.

(c) Reasonable advance notice must be given to the membership of the time, date and place of the second meeting. The vote to be taken on the Bylaws Committee’s recommendations.

(d) Each proposal must be considered and voted upon separately. A majority affirmative vote by those present and voting is needed for adoption.

(e) Triplicate copies of approved proposals, together with the master copy of bylaws shall be referred to the International President for approval and designation of an effective date.





Section 1.                   Rules of Order shall be as set forth in the IAM Constitution.




Section 1.                   Nothing in these bylaws shall be construed or applied in a manner that will conflict with the provisions of the IAM Constitution. All matters arising and not specifically covered by these bylaws shall be governed by the IAM Constitution.


Approved for and in behalf of
 International President

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